-Elément Terre-
Varietal Wines


Why Elément Terre?

‘According to the ancient Greek philosophers, our world is made up of four elements: earth (Terre in French), air, water and fire. We invite you to experience how we are contributing to protect the ‘Element Terre’ through our organic farming.’

Élément Terre reflects the ambitions of Vignobles Gilles Louvet to offer a healthy, environmentally friendly product made using organic farming methods. Gilles Louvet undertakes :
- Not to use chemical fertilizers or weed-killer in the vine-growing process
- To promote growing practices that respect the natural environment and are essentially based on observation.
- To maintain biodiversity by ensuring the upkeep of the vine-growing landscape and the olive trees and almond trees bordering the vineyard.
Exists in Bib 3L rouge, rosé et blanc


Pink dress with purple tints. Sharp attack, mouth with aromas of fresh fruit and strawberries.
It accompanies meats, pizza and barbecue