Latitude 44
Vin d'Appellation d'Origine Protégée
Rouge - Languedoc


The 44th Latitude is an imaginary line where the best “terroir” of our region, in the Languedocian piedmont, are concentrated. The location of these vineyards, with a large range of temperature and some very well drained grounds, permit an excellent maturation of the grapes, giving to the winemaker a first quality product to process. The 2010 cuvee has been cultivated in ones of the best parcels of the “Montagne Noire” foothills; this wine is the result of a meticulous work to create the new icon wine of “Vignobles Gilles Louvet”.

Endowed with a very profound dark red colour, this wine express a fruity aroma, around raspberry and redcurrant. In mouth, it’s a well-structured wine; we find back the red fruits flavours and also a spicy note. His good acidity gives it a really large and well balanced final.