Green Pic Nic
Vins de France


When the sun comes out, make the most of the opportunity to organise an environmentally-friendly picnic or barbecue with friends.

Here are a few 'green' tips to make sure your meals out in the open really are at one with nature :

- Forget all those disposable plates, knives and forks… and do things in good old-fashioned style : real crockery, cloth napkins and a wicker basket.
- Opt for fresh, seasonal products - organic ones from local producers whenever possible.
- Make sure you do not leave any litter behind you, of course, and if you can,
why not take your bikes rather than the car !


The blend of Carignan, Caladoc and Grenache grape varieties gives a lot of fruit and roundness to this wine. Green Pic Nic Red is ideal served with grilled meat, roast chicken or cheese.