Our ambition : « Let the soil speak for itself, express the terroir and its vintage » Gilles Louvet

We grow our vines and pick our grapes in accordance with the Organic Farming specifications (European regulation EEC 2092/91).

Compliance with these specifications is monitored by a certification body, Ecocert. Winegrowers are awarded organic certification after a 3-year period and are inspected each year. In France this gives them the right to print "vin issu de raisins de l'agriculture biologique" on their bottle labels.

Our work in harmony with the balance of nature has a real impact on the quality of our wines.

We remove grass by hand or let it grow, since grass cover prevents soil erosion and limits the yield of the vineyard: the grape juice is more concentrated and thus makes fora better wine.

We nourish the soil with manure, compost, tree bark and green fertilizer (ryegrass, clover, peas...) which we grow at the foot of the vines; this fertilizer enriches the soil whilst protecting the vines against weeds. Organic produce has more taste, and grapes are no exception to the rule. More concentrated in tannins, they give the wine greater intensity.